Field trips

Hidden Gardens in the Dark Spaces of the Old Town

Wednesday 10 June, 5.15pm to 7pm

Book this trip at registration on Tuesday 9 June

We’ll walk some of closes and wynds that branch off from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, seeking out some of the hidden spaces that today’s residents are making into gardens. We’ll also discover the work of pioneers such as Patrick Geddes and the Free Kindergarten Movement in creating gardens in these same spaces over a hundred years ago, when Edinurgh’s Old Town was one of the worst slums in Europe. Their motivation was to counter what they termed ‘nature starvation’. Led by Jean Bareham of Green Yonder Tours.

Maximum 20 participants.

Blood and Stone

Wednesday 10 June, 5.15pm to 7pm

Book this trip at registration on Tuesday 9 June

In this walking tour from the castle to the palace, down the royal mile, Seamus will tell stories of the significant, colourful and sometimes violent events which took place in the grand buildings, dark closes and public squares of this historic urban quarter.

Led by Seamus Prior, this walk will leave from Pollock Halls at 5.15. Limit of 20 participants.

Scotland’s Democracy Trail

Wednesday 10 June, 5.15pm to 7pm

Book this trip at registration on Tuesday 9 June

The trail follows the emergence of democratic thought and action in Scotland from the 16th century to the present day, linking pivotal events to locations along the way. It is a story of ups and downs, triumphs and tragedies, borne along by a stubborn, persistent advance.

Led by Stuart McHardy and Donald Smith, authors of the tour guide by the same name, available from Luath Press, Scotland’s Democracy Trail. Limit of 20 participants.


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Confirmed Keynote Speakers
Joyce Davidson, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

PRESENTATION: A year of living dangerously: Reflections on risk, trust, trauma and change

image of jane speedy

PRESENTATION: Staring at the park

photo of Lauren Berlant

PRESENTATION: On Being in Life without Wanting the World: Living in Ellipsis.

Delegate fees
£275 includes lunch & refreshments throughout and drinks reception.

Conference dinner £25